Friday, 21 February 2014


My sista Karolina as a supermodel in the newest print out of Star magazine in Boyfriend´s style Black&White. If you are curious //I know you are// you can see all her pics inside of the magazine, so don´t hesitate and buy one for yourself //I already got two of them//.
Photo shooting was led by a group of professionals. Colaboration with those people was interesting experience and a great pleasure.
First of all, Boris Bordács made the visage of Karolina. Later, Tomas Thurzo began with the photo shooting itself. Have a look at their work HERE and HERE. Have to admit, without these two boys she couldn´t  look more adorable than she is now. For the whole styling was responsible Miroslava Michalková, one of the best stylists knowen in this area-her funpage HERE!
So good day it was!! That was actually the first time when I could  participated on photo shooting with profesionals. Wish more days like this one.
Boris´s golden hands are making visage for Karolina´s photo shooting
Everything had to fit perfectly. Mirka, Tomas and Boris were responsible for every detail in the picture for STAR.
 ..and at the end the final version of all pics posted in STAR, took by Tomas Thurzo
Backstage pics by Daniel Chomistek

Video by Zuzana Čižmáriková

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