Sunday, 25 May 2014


Last month we took a trip to Moscow and this city was just insane!! We spent one week there, so we had plenty of time to really enjoy it and see almost everything ///sometimes very weird things or people, check up Refresher any many pics are really similar to some of them heh ///. Anyway, Moscow was really really unforgottable experience, though It took me two days to get used to the enviroment because I felt slightly than 15 years ago. I know Slovakia is not far different somewhere but spontain Russian style and behavior of the people is just ridiculous. How often do you see old grandma on soccer shoes traveling in the metro?
 However, that place was magic due to all people I met, the way how some of them dress up, the food I ate and the architecture I saw. As a big fan of socialist architecture I was on the right place. If I had a chance to move there I wouldn´t hasitate at all.

Pics by Milos Hradec

         I was wearing: jeans-Levis|Black coat- Miu Miu-2nd hand|Black backpack- Primark|Saucony sneakers- Bought in Moscow|Necklace- Asos|Black dress- River Island|Sunnies-Police