Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Never ending summer

Well, what was that? Heaven, paradise or the dream I never wanna wake up from? Call it what u want. I call it #thetimeofmylife.
Last week I took few days off from my school (like every second week!!) and I went to this little paradisóó to Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Cancun. Everything was óoo'ó and I still can't believe it's already gone. However I still have some spear weeks left here so hopefully I will be able to share more experiences with you. Unfortunately I am pretty busy with school and traveling so my blogging is postponed for while. But, if u are interested in more pics of my outfits or traveling u can easily find them on my Instagram HERE. And what about u? How is your October?!
Btw the anniversary of my blog is already in 2 week, so get ready for neWw changes here.  Are you excited?..xo

Elita was wearing: Bikiny: Calzedonia ≈ blue kimono: H|M ≈ body chain: Venice Beach market, Los Angeles ≈ sunnies: Zara ≈ high waisted jeans: Glebe market, Sydney ≈ black crop Top: Brandy Melwille ≈ black pocket on the belt: marketplace Cuernavaca, Mexico ≈ pink matte lipstick: MAC cosmetics


  1. :o :o CHCEM tam za tebou! uzasne tie fotky a hlavne 3.

    1. ved tak ale halóó mozes prist nie?! som tu este dva mesiace a dali by sme si pak pekne tripiky. Dakujem moc, s Nat ma vzdy viete pekne potesiť

  2. ty plavky jsou krásné, originální a přitom jednoduché!