Monday, 2 December 2013

The Next Stop is..

Underground, Tube, Subway whatever it is called is unfortunately my daily transport to school or wherever I usually go. I have to admit, I am not very big fan of it because I don't like crowded place. Achh. Nonentheless It kinda inspired me to make some shooting right there. So why not?

In my wardrobe you can find many different pieces of clothes, but I don't have a particular fashion style I follow to. Only what I do, is try to make my outfits different to everyone else. For this shooting I decided to put on my lovely Nairobi Leggings designed by Black Milk Clothing. Oh Gosh, they have the COOLEST pieces I have ever seen to. I am obsessed by them, unfortunately they are a bit expensive so I have just one pair leggings and swimsuit for now. Just have a look on their page Black Milk Clothing, where you can find wide range of the other items from swimsuits to jackets or Tops they offer to. Just go for it and you will definitely rock. xo

Black Crop Hoodie-, Black High Waisted shorts-H&M 
Nairobi Black Milk Leggings
Snapback-Obey, Backpack- G-Star, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace-Mango, Bracelet- Pandora

pics by Zuzana Javorska


  1. black milk brand got loads of fake pieces on or which are way to less expensive but sadly said they are the same quality. I rip my black milks after one proper stretch :D so since then i rather prefer the ones from choies. they also do swimwear. and if ur fun of Mr. GUGU & Miss GO brand follow them on choies . dont know why but they are half price on choies. :D thought u might find it useful ;) and keep on with great post. enjoying every part of it ;)

    1. Yep I know about these pages and I purchased one pair similar to black milk on, but I have to say, there is no chance they are the same quality. I have been wearing my Nairobe since last year and they are absolutely ok even when I wore them in occasion when we we partying all day all night, I think you know what I mean hehe. So for me they are absolutely TOP :)..and in case of Mr.GUGU & Miss Go I do not think they are original on these pages, so I wouldn´t buy them and they are overpriced everywhere. You should go to Bielsko Biela where they have a store and get som pieces over there.

  2. mám otázočku..kraťase boli kupované nedávno alebo už sú staršie? inak skvelý outfit :)

    1. ahoj, kupovane cca dva tyzdne v H&M sekcia divided.. a diky:)